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Personal wine tasting

at the Abar

We offer a range of private wine tastings for your family and friends. Hosted in our tasting room and shop above abarbistro you can choose from the follow tastings to explore a selection of wines, each tasting approx. 1 hour. We will then book you in downstairs in abarbistro for lunch or dinner to allow you to continue your session with more wine and delicious food.

Please email to inquire about availability.
We do require payment to secure the booking.

  • Call My Bluff, Blind Wine Tasting – minimum 6-15 people – £15 a head
    Great for groups wanting to have a bit of fun and test their tasting skills. 3 whites and 3 reds provided, split into groups and try to decide on grape variety and country the wines are from.
  • Introduction to Wine Tasting – minimum 6-15 people – £15 a head
    A great starting point for learning the basics or to add to your wine knowledge. Learn how to taste wine, how to spot quality and lots more! For this tasting you will sample a selection of 6 different wines.
  • New World vs. Old World Tasting – minimum 6-15 people – £15 a head
    A test of your taste buds! A blind tasting of a selection of 6 wines, you will compare 2 wines of the same grape variety and try and decide which one is from the New World and which is Old World. Do they really differ? Can you tell from the taste of a wine the country it is from?
  • Food and Wine Matching Tasting – minimum 6-12 people – £25 a head
    Have you ever wondered why you like wine with particular foods and not others? At this tasting you will try a selection of 6 wines alongside food pairings to understand how food and wine can or can’t be matched. (please note these are not starter size or mains, these are small food items to show the change in profiles. For example, a cube of cheddar).
  • Sparkling Wine Tasting – minimum 6-15 people – £25 a head
    A fabulous tasting of champagnes and top-quality sparkling wines from around the world. Find out why Champagne is so expensive and whether you can tell the difference between Champagne and other sparkling wines.

That makes sense

How do you hold a wine glass? There is a right and wrong way. Wine glasses should be held by the stem, so that way the hand does not raise the temperature of the wine. The stem is for a reason.

Did you know

Portugal produces around 50% of cork globally. This includes 340,000 tonnes of natural wine corks and that is equivalent to 44,000 elephants. It’s illegal to cut down cork trees without permission irrespective if the tree is dead or alive.

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